Welcome to the opening for our new exhibition at Konsthall C: Bodies in motion - dance and resistance Casa Chama, Bogomir Doringer, Harold Offeh, Midnight Frontier, Mogli Saura March 26 – May 15, 2022

Opening 26 March 12-17:00

Introduction at 13:00

About the exhibition:

Dance is a language, an expression that engages the senses through the heart, through movements that have their basic counterparts in our daily lives. Most of us have experienced moments of complete presence surrounded by other sweaty bodies, the energy is palpable in the familiar, synchronized movements on an ecstatic dance floor. A common strong bass, a common body. Everything is revealed in the movement — a moment where the present and everything we have thought or felt seeps out. For those who are attentive, you can witness our humanity in our dance. Invited artists explore the dance floor as a site of resistance to an oppressive world. How can dance function both as an expression of collective joy and as a response to societal anxiety? The exhibition is curated by Konsthall C's artistic director Ulrika Flink.