In June, Konsthall C welcomed a new intern from France: Ilias Mohsni. He studies graphic design and has worked, among other things, on visual communication and documentation for Pavilion C.

Konsthall C: What's it been like working at Konsthall C so far?

Ilias Mohsni: Working at Konsthall C has been a great experience for me. Everyone in the gallery has been really nice to me, and very welcoming. As a Parisian, I wanted to see how Swedish people work, and particularly how they treat art and culture. So this internship offered me the chance to discover a Swedish way to work in the art sector.

Konsthall C's mentality and works resonate with my own, as they give a lot of importance to different cultures, their people, their languages and also to the people sharing the same neighbourhood. Participating in the Paviljong C festival was also a great experience, as I saw and participated in all the organisation's preparations.

K: You're studying graphic design at the moment, how made you choose that subject?

I: Since I was a child, I’ve had an interest in art but didn’t want to work as a professional artist. My dad introduced me to the few editing softwares I could get cracked on the house computer. I started playing around with them and became increasingly interested in images, vidéos, logos and every visual thing that looked nice and original. Then my mom told me about something called graphic design, where I could use all these practices. I decided to start studying it and my passion grew from there.

K: What does art mean to you?

I: To me, art can be anything as long as the person who made it considers it art. I think 3 main elements are needed to create a good piece of art. A good piece of art to me has to look visually good. The visual takes almost 50% of the work because this is what the viewer will see first, even before asking themselves what is the meaning of your artwork or even before knowing the name. After that, art has to mean something. I think art is the best way for someone to share their ideas, to express themselves. Sometimes, even if the artist didn't intentionally put a message in his artwork, it comes out by itself and then we get an insight into the mind of the artist. The last one is that the artwork has to move the viewer in some way (emotionally or mentally for example).