Konsthall C is a public work of art, an urban renewal project and an art institution located in a former communal laundry in Hökarängen.

Since the start in 2004, we have organized exhibitions and events based on the neighbourhood's history and present, its people and its environment. 

Konsthall C was initiated in 2004 as a collaboration between the artist Per Hasselberg, Hökarängen's Civil City Council, Stockholmshem and Moment:teater. Hökarängen's Civil City Council had previously worked for a vital cultural and association life in the area, and Per's art had since the 90s revolved around the borderland between art, urban planning and democracy. Together, they established Konsthall C in Stockholmshem's former central laundry in Hökarängen. From the beginning, the gallery's status was more of a work of art and was exhibited at Moderna Museet in 2006. Over the years, the art gallery has grown and made permanent activities of what was once an artistic experiment. 

Today, the activities mainly consist of the temporary artistic program, shaped by our artistic leader on site. It usually contains an exhibition program, regular events and longer art projects that take place in and outside Konsthall C. In addition to the artistic program, there are also several so-called fixed formats, which are permanent elements in the art gallery's activities. These include the pedagogical collaboration Konst I Förskolan, the self-organized gallery Centrifug, the AiR platform the Research Station, the Hökarängen Archive and our shop.

In recent years, Konsthall C has been characterized by a high international profile and relevance. The artists who exhibit come from all over the world, which has made the gallery an important player in national and international art life. At Konsthall C, new artistic strategies are tried out, as well as new ways of organizing and displaying art and culture. The artistic director, who is replaced at regular intervals, is chosen based on an idea of ​​how new art expressions can interact with Hökarängen as a place. The time at Konsthall C allows unestablished talents to experiment with the organization, in mutual learning that often leads to a daring and forward-thinking program. 

The objectives of Konsthall C:

  • To be a leading actor in socially engaged practices, centred around supporting new curatorial and artistic experiments and thinking. 
  • To be a strong voice in discussions of justice, democracy and urban development.
  • To be a visible actor in Hökarängen, by connecting its activities to Hökarängen’s local history, local associations and local development. 
  • To ensure the activities of the Konsthall are of concern for those living and working in Hökarängen, for residents in and around Stockholm, and a national and international art audience.
  • To develop and strengthen its established networks and actively create new networks, partnerships and collaborations. 
  • To produce programmes that have relevance to and engage a diverse audience.
  • To work for sustainable economic conditions for itself, and the sustainable operation of cultural institutions in Sweden and beyond.

Do you want to know more about our history? Contact us at info@konsthallc.se.